Vision Creative Group

Vision Creative Group is a real estate developer in West Pune, offering premium flats in Tathawade. The real estate company was founded in 2006 to cater to the huge demand for good quality residential and commercial spaces in Pune. It is inching its way to be one of the leading real estate developers in Western & Northern Pune.


Company Philosophy

  • Customer oriented approach Uncompromising business ethics
  • Timeless values Transparency in all spheres of business conduct
  • Providing value for money to the clients
  • Develop a friendly and ever lasting relationship with customers.
Vision Creative Group Motto
Optimum space utilization is the ‘mantra’ or ‘motto’ while designing the buildings; making use of every inch to provide value for money.
Client's Requirement
Vision Creative Group approached Digital Tokri Pune for lead generation services. They also wanted us to design their Real Estate Website, develop Content for the Website & Blog articles, social media promotions.
Digital Marketing Services Offered to Vision Creative Group PUNE
DigitalTokri Pune's digital marketing services included website design, content for the website, SEO services, lead generation using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.
What services did Digital Tokri, Pune offer?
At DigitalTokri Pune we are expert in providing digital marketing services for real estate businesses like the Vision Creative Group.

Website Design Service

DigitalTokri Pune's website design services included creating a user-friendly and visually appealing website keeping in mind the following principles:
  • Keeping pages simple, avoiding cramming
  • Intuitive navigation, well organized pages with top-down design for easy browsing
  • Making intelligent use of colors so that there is strong contrast between text colors and background
  • Making the website responsive

Focusing on the client’s customers we designed the website that would capture and hold people’s attention, eventually turning prospects into customers. Customers/prospects being the lifeblood of business, the digital marketing strategy were designed around them, in consultation with the client. We successfully leveraged digital channels such as search engines, social media, to connect with current and prospective customers for the client.

Content Marketing Services

Our content analysts at Digital Tokri Pune created a comprehensive content marketing strategy for Vision Creative Group Pune’s website, blog and social media. Our content writers created compelling and engaging content for all digital marketing channels. Our content writers created content pertaining to the topics that are of interest to the target audience and potential customers of Vision Creative Group. We highlighted the USPs of the residential projects and locality of the real estate company in Pune. As an experienced content marketing company in Pune we know that writing articles that interest your customer blogging is one of the best ways to attract a large audience to your site, establish your business as a thought leader in your industry.


SEO Services

Our client was keen to capitalize on their online presence to draw more viewers to their website. In order to convert more leads into buyers, wanted to position their company as a market leader in Real Estate services. DigitalTokri Pune offered its SEO services to Our SEO goal was to rank in top position for business keywords and to drive traffic to the website which is mantained by DigitalTokri Pune..

Social Media

Being a seasoned Social Media Marketing Company in Pune we know the potential Social Media has for the real estate business and how it can be used to generate leads and to increase real estate brand awareness. As lead generation was one of the immediate goals to be achieved for the client, our Social Media analysts setup paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram driving qualified traffic to the project landing pages.


Lead Generation through Google Adwords and Facebook ads

At DigitalTokri Pune we know that the Pay Per Click is the quickest of the digital marketing channels to generate leads online. The PPC channels used are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Google Adwords: It is the world’s largest and most popular PPC advertising platform. The term is synonymous with paid search.

Facebook Ads: This is advertising on social media platform. Since Facebook has the highest number of monthly active users (MAU), it is a potentially lucrative element of Digital Marketing Strategy. At Digital Tokri Pune we make intelligent use of Google Adwords and Facebook ads to achieve maximum visibility, increased leads and sales and helped find the client, new customers.

Videos Ads and YouTube
Our PPC analysts created Video ads for Facebook marketing and YouTube SEO.
Landing Page Design
Given our domain expertise in the Real Estate vertical our analysts know what USPs to highlight. Our website designers at DigitalTokri Pune created captivating project specific landing pages that highlight the USPs of the real estate project, the locality and the developer (Vision Creative Group).

PPC Marketing Strategy

As the best Search Engine Marketing company in Pune we know that PPC marketing is ROI oriented. You have to be cautious when running PPC campaigns, a wrong setting can ruin your ROI. To generate qualified leads, we have a robust PPC strategy that takes into consideration client’s budget, location targeting, targeted keywords, match-types, negative keywords (in Google Adwords), Cost-Per-Click, landing page quality score etc. Our content writers know the importance of landing page quality score and the relation between the landing page content, ad copies and the keywords used for advertising. With our proven SEM/PPC strategy, Vision Creative Group was able to generate maximum leads that converted in to home buyers.