What is CONTENT (in Digital Marketing)?

To sum up the relation between digital marketing and content, we would say:

Content is the fabric of the Digital Marketing field

In today’s digital world everyone is seeking information, more and more information, genuine information. And “Information is Content" or you can say “Content is Knowledge". Every aspect of human interaction is the interplay of information. That is why in the digital arena content is the HOLY GRAIL of all digital marketing services. Whether it is SEO, Pay-Per-Click or Social Media Marketing, content is at the core. Content comes in various formats like textual content, audio-visual and info-graphics, but the dominant and most widely used is the textual content that everyone involved, “understand" – humans and computers (search engines and social networking websites). “Content" is the carrier of the “information" and Digital marketing services cannot exist without it.


Summary of the Context Below

Our Content Strategy is a combination of

  • Content IDEAS
  • Content Marketing Techniques
  • Content Formats - leveraged across SEO, Social Media and PPC!!

Content Ideas

These are abstract and are sourced from the business domain, from understanding your target audience and what content are they looking for.

Domain Knowledge

Since content is knowledge, the most important factor for creating content is to have sound knowledge of the business vertical. Our content strategy is fabricated around valuable information pertaining to your business. Our content writers at Digital Tokri Pune have vast experience of creating content for varied business verticals like real estate, ecommerce, retail, automotive, hospitality industry, etc. We have substantial "domain expertise" of various businesses. We know what kind of CONTENT businesses need. We are aware of the key USPs of all business verticals.

Understanding the Content Demand

Before you hammer out a content strategy, you should know what content to make, and for that, you need to understand the demand. We understand the demands of your target audience, what content (or information) are they looking for. This helps us craft precise content that meets the requirement of your target audience. This demand is understood by finding out what keywords are being searched by your prospects in order to find the services and products offered by you/your business.

Content Marketing Techniques

Once you know the content objectives, the next step of the plan is to reach out to your audience with information. And its gets tricky here.

Reaching out to your Audience

One we have understood the demand we then reach out to the audience with relevant information. This "reaching out to the audience" with relevant information is not an easy thing. There is a cut-throat competition. Your business competitors are also in a hurry to provide the necessary information to the audience out there. Our strategy is to leverage relevant content across all digital channels using various techniques like PPC, SEO, and SMO.

Landing Page Content

Our strategy for Landing Pages is to create content that has the same substance as the keywords used for advertising and the ad copy text. We know how important the content of the landing page is and the role it plays in determining the quality score of the landing page.

SEO Content Strategy for Websites

Content drives SEO and so Digital Tokri Pune's SEO services are content-oriented. Our strategy is to build relevant, high-value, informative, SEO-leveraged, and unique content for your business, services, and products. The primary aim of our content methodology, from the SEO perspective, is to "convince" the search engines that yours is the most valuable resource (website/webpage) for the given keyword. We employ various SEO techniques (mentioned in our SEO Strategy) to substantiate the conviction. A higher position in the search engines is the after-effect of the successful implementation of the process dictated by the relevant strategy.

Social Media Content Strategy

Our social media content methodology mainly focuses on "Re-purposing Content". Re-purposing is "re-cycling" the same "theme" with re-phrased content (also called as Ever-Green Content). This content is combined with info-graphics and audio-visual media to improve reach. We create alluring creatives (Info-graphics and Audio-Visuals) based on the content extracted from the USPs of your business, services, and products. This content is combined with keywords (used in #hashtags). The content has a distinct context that is relevant to your business/product or services.

Content Formats or Models

Our strategy states that content can be categorized under different “formats".

News Articles

These articles reflect on the events and news related to your business, company, or industry. You being the authority, your views on developments concerning your industry are published through these content formats.

Here we compare various services and products to help your your customers make an informed decision.

Content presented in Q/A's format is more readable and is considered trustworthy. Even search engines love this content format. Here our plan is to get listed in the Google Answer Box.


The review format of content comes in handy for eCommerce and retail businesses. Based on the inputs from customers, we create useful reviews that help your audience make an informed decisions before buying a service/product. Reviews also help in online reputation management.


We create revealing case-studies of the services offered to your clients. This case-studies mention about the challenges faced during the execution of a particular project and the results. Case-studies help prospective clients to get a deeper understanding of your skills with real-life examples.


Here your clients review the products and services offered by you. Real people Rel reviews - that's our methodology when it comes to testimonials.


Original research creates original content that is credited to your organization. Our strategy is to research and collect data related to your industry and publish them as your organization's whitepapers or original research. The SEO benefit of this strategy is that the publishing source gets cited across the internet, passing the valuable SEO juice to your website. This is an elaborate process but pays off heavy dividends.

User Generated Content

This primarily applies to eCommerce websites where our objective is to heavy your customer to share their experience. Testimonials are also a kind of user-generated content. With our strategy, we take this a step forward and also utilize advanced content platforms like INTERNET FORUMS where people discuss your industry news, services, and products.

Updating the Content

An important aspect of our content strategy is to present UP-TO-DATE information. The ever-changing dynamics of the businesses mean that the information is also changing constantly. Incorrect information can have an undesired impact on your business. That's why at Digital Tokri Pune we take CONTENT AUTHENTICITY, very seriously.


So to get your digital marketing strategies right, you have to get your content marketing strategy right, first. Being an experienced Content Marketing Agency in Pune, we have a comprehensive Content Strategy for every digital marketing channel.