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Optimizing the e-commerce website (and individual product pages) so that the product pages appear at the top in the organic search engine listings is e-Commerce SEO. This optimization includes the content of the product pages, keyword utilization (understanding the demand), website structure/architecture, URL structure, internal linking, audio visual and info-graphics etc. The intention of the SEO is to drive quality inbound “active" natural traffic to the relevant product pages to increase e-commerce sales.

According to a recent study, eCommerce in India is set to be worth 188 billion dollar industry by 2025. The number of smartphone users have grown exponentially, with 374 million users as of 2019. People in India are buying everything online from merchandise to DSLR cameras and electronic gadgets.


Why is SEO important for e-commerce?

Merely having an eCommerce website is not going to drive traffic to your eCommerce website. Online retailers have to leverage SEO to drive product specific traffic to the webpages.eCommerce sales depend on online traffic and SEARCH ENGINES are the prime source of online traffic. But gaining top positions in search engines is not an easy task. Today small eCommerce businesses in India have to face stiff competition from giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myantra etc. It has become hard for small businesses to compete with the eCommerce giants. eCommerce businesses find it difficult to attain top positions in organic search listings which are often occupied by these giants. PPC or Paid Marketing is not the complete solution for eCommerce business. eCommerce has marginal business profits and so is the ROI. PPC marketing eats into the slim profits of eCommerce business, besides PPC drives to only 30% of the total internet traffic. Here is where SEO comes as a savior for eCommerce businesses. And this is where Digital Tokri Pune SEO Company can help eCommerce businesses achieve top listings in search engines, increasing your eCommerce sales.


Benefits of SEO for eCommerce Business

SEO has the widest Reach – SEO has the biggest share of the digital marketing pie, driving 70% of the total online traffic. Unlike PPC, SEO takes time to deliver results (not indefinite time but “certain" time) and this time is worth investing in. Once you have achieved top rankings in the organic search listings, you continue to get a steady flow online buyers for a very long time, fueling your eCommerce sales and giving you hefty returns on your investment.
SEO Bring Quality Buyers – Study has shown that SEO has the highest conversion rate compare to all other channels.
eCommerce ROI – ROI is the most important factor in any eCommerce/Retailing business model. And SEO delivers the highest ROI in the long run with the biggest benefit of long lasting results.
The Power of SEO – Combine the reach of the SEO, the quality of the traffic and the cost involved, SEO wins on all the parameters, making it the natural choice for eCommerce.


SEO Strategy for eCommerce Websites

As an astute digital marketing service provider in Pune we leverage a very robust SEO strategy and a thorough SEO process to implement the strategy. Let’s put it straight, we make our client’s eCommerce website/product pages achieve top positions in organic search listings. We combine our experience of eCommerce marketing with our proven SEO techniques and Content strategy to achieve the desired results. Given our digital marketing experience, we have sound understanding of the eCommerce business domain, its strengths and weaknesses, eCommerce ROI factor, sales funnel, the eCommerce cycle etc. Our strategy for eCommerce SEO is centered around “product content", traditional marketing ideas and proven on-page SEO. We create informative content for your eCommerce business, this informative content is presented in various content modules like product reviews, product usage, product question and answers, product comparison, product demo videos, product review videos, product testing, product buying guide and more. These content modules are combined with our tried and tested eCommerce SEO tactics that include Comprehensive keyword research, Content optimization, Content Categorizartion, Google rich snippets, Google Answer Box, incoming links, Category pages optimization etc. And all this is done with the aim to be the “early bird", we understand the importance of unique content and its value to the customers.

eCommerce SEO FAQs

So how does the eCommerce SEO plan work?

As an eCommerce business, you hire Digital Tokri as an SEO retainer agency. Once onboard, we either work as an in-house SEO dept or as a consulting agency and formulate and implement the complete SEO plan for your eCommerce business.

How to start e commerce business?

Are you planning to start an e-commerce startup? we have the complete plan ready. We can help your e-commerce business soar new heights. From e-commerce website design to digital marketing, you get all the services under one roof at Digital Tokri Pune.

Does eCommerce work in city like Pune?

Yes, you could be a small business in a small city like Pune but with eCommerce, you can sell your goods across the whole of India. Broadening the sphere of your business.

Does e-commerce increase sales?

Yes, Definitely! When SEO is leveraged for e-Commerce business, it expands the reach of your product nation-wide thus resulting in more sales.

What are the benefits of eCommerce SEO?

  • Increased e-Commerce Sales
  • Improved Brand Awareness
  • Connect with customers all over the country
  • Cost-Effective Digital Marketing Channel with highest ROI

What next?

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