Why do SEO?

To answer the question “Why SEO is Important" or “Why do SEO", lets look at an important stats that throw light on the share of organic traffic in Digital Marketing.

Organic search contributes to 75% of total website referral traffic.

Why SEO is Important?

It is important to note that even with the advent of Social Media, Paid Social, PPC etc, majority of the website traffic comes from good old organic search. And its not a marginal difference, its a whopping 3 quarters of the total online traffic. So how do you capitalize on this “organic traffic" or natural listings. When people ask the question “Why SEO is Important", they often compare SEO with other digital marketing services like PPC, Social Media, Paid Social etc. While PPC is quick and easy to setup its reach and scope is limited as compared to SEO. Unfortunately, businesses often neglect SEO assuming that it is hard and tedious and takes time to deliver results, and pay a heavy price in terms of reach, leads and sales. They don’t realize that PPC constitutes only 25% of the total digital marketing traffic and the rest of the 75% being the SEO powered organic traffic. The major share of SEO in digital marketing underlines the importance of SEO.

Importance of SEO

SEARCH - An IMPORTANT feature of the Internet

3.5 billion searches daily (as of 2019), most internet activities begin with “online search". And stats show that Google has approx 88% share in the total search market. Google’s search ranking algorithm makes sure that only the best, informative and most authentic webpages make it to the top listings, the result is – “Google" has become synonymous to “Search Engine", people have come to trust Google results, they are satisfied with the quality of the results. The reliance and trust on the “INTERNET SEARCH" highlights the importance of SEO in digital marketing.


Cost Factor

Cost is the most important factor in marketing, whether it is digital media or physical. Unlike PPC where you have to pay for every single click, SEO is cost-effective. You do not have to pay for the traffic that your website receives. Although paid advertising has gained success since its inception, it has not been able to dislodge organic traffic as the principal referrer. A poorly managed PPC campaign can cost you dearly and ruin your ROI. Small players cannot afford to bid on high ticket keywords, but SEO levels the playing field and provides equal opportunities to all the parties. Given the cost benefits, SEO is the most popular digital marketing channel and the most important one..


Trust Factor

Whenever we search for something on google, it is our common experience that we skip the “Paid Ads" and click the top organic listings. The reason why people prefer organic listings more than paid ones is because people trust organic listings. Many people don’t view paid ads as an “authoritative" source. Paid ads have got a sort of negative connotation. People believe that organic listings are the genuine source of information. Even the websites from 2nd position through 5th position in the organic listings get more traffic than the paid listings, thats the power of organic listings. So it becomes important to harness the power of these organic listings and the means of doing it is SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

High Quality Traffic

The quality of the traffic is an important factor in digital marketing. SEO gets more quality traffic to your website than PPC ads. The organic traffic has better click-through-rate and also better conversion rate compared to PPC.


SEO Results are Long Lasting

SEO efforts reap rich dividends. As compared to PPC, SEO offers long lasting results. Unlike PPC where the moment your budget is exhausted your ads go offline, SEO ensures that your organic listing remain at the top position for a considerable duration. Even if you take a break from SEO activities you won’t lose your top listings.

SEO Helps in Branding

It is important to note that SEO is content driven. You require considerable amount of content to do SEO, having this content has a secondary effect – it engages your audience. SEO compels you to share more information, which benefits your target audience, they look at your website/blog as an authoritative resource – this only amplifies your brand identity which cannot be achieved with PPC. SEO plays more important role in digital branding than any other channel.


SEO vs Social Media Marketing

The biggest difference between Search and Social Media is that Search is an “active" method of reaching your potential customers. That means people out there are proactively searching for the services and products offered by you, hence Organic SEO always refer quality traffic to your website. While the Social Media is a “passive" channel where your posts reach your audience based on their interests, and quality of traffic is not as good as in the case of SEO. People rely more on “search engines" to find important services and products, than on social media. Social Media is viewed more as a “casual" platform where people come to “socialize", to connect with people, to share personal experiences and information. People don’t use facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find essential services and products. That does not mean the Social Media is not useful in digital marketing, Social Media is certainly a powerful branding tool but when it comes to ascertaining the share of individual services, SEO scores over Social Media Marketing.

To Summarize

SEO is the most important digital marketing channel. But SEO bears fruits only when done correctly,  SEO based on incomplete knowledge can be a big waste of resources and money. So it is always advisable to hire competent agency like Digital Tokri SEO Company Pune to successfully implement the SEO strategy.