Email & SMS Marketing

As per the Gurus of Digital Marketing, Email Marketing is undoubtedly the most effective mode of advertising & Customer acquisition. Its extensive audience and high ROI makes email the most effective marketing channel. However, in order to realize the full potential of this, an Email marketing strategy needs to be implemented and continuously fine-tuned.

Email and SMS Marketing

Few things common for any Emailer to give results are:

It should have objective oriented, clear & specific subject line – the recipient should be able to clearly understand the benefits out of it.

The Email content should be sweet & crisp – More images & less text

A clear call to action

With all these strategies in place, we help you in designing goal oriented Emailers for your products & services & execute the same via suitable 3rd party channels

SMS Marketing also is extremely helpful in getting fast leads. If you have less time & want quick results, SMS is the answer. Specially for industries like Real Estate, Education, hospitality & Services SMS marketing works really well provided it is targeted to the right audience. Reputed & established SMS marketing service providers give good ROI on the campaigns as they have relevant & genuine database available with them. SMS marketing can be done targeting specific filters including but not limited to areas, pre/post paid subscribers, male/female subscribers, service providers, etc.

We have tie ups with reputed vendors who have proven track records & have given us commendable results in various campaigns.

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