Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is nothing but improving the website traffic by purchasing Ads on the search network which includes Google search, Bing search, Yahoo search, etc., SEM enables the Ads to appear on Search Engine results pages (SERPs).

Pay per Click (PPC) is the most commonly used bidding type. It means, when the Ads appear on SERPs, the Advertiser is charged for every click that the Ads get. No matter how many times the Ads appeared, the charges are calculated on per click basis. There are other bidding types also available like CPM (Cost per thousand impressions), CPA (Cost per Acquisition), etc.

Search Engine Marketing

Moving ahead on SEM, the paid Campaigns are broadly categorized under two types:

Search Campaigns – Text Ads on SERPs

Display Campaigns – Text Ads, Image Ads & even Video Ads on the display network which includes various websites which allows banner Ads on their pages. It also includes Google’s own display network with google properties like Blogger, Gmail, Youtube, etc.

For a successful SEM strategy, three elements are the most important ones:

  • Keywords – Set of keywords related to the website to be promoted
  • Ad Copies – The set of Advertisement copies (Text or Image or Video)
  • The landing page – Where the user will be redirected after clicking on the Ad

Be it a PPC campaign or a CPM one, based on the customer’s objectives, we have devised proven SEM strategies. We focus majorly on these three elements to make the SEM work for you & bring in fruitful results while spending less.

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