Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization (SMO) is the process of enhancing the awareness about a product or service by utilizing a number of social media channels and online communities. This helps in generating viral reach & hence greater publicity.

Social media optimization includes using social networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc., Not just these, but channels like RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, forums, video and blogging sites also play a major role. SMO is quite similar to SEO (search engine optimization) as the goal is common - to drive traffic to your Web site.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Marketing is an integral part of SMO wherein paid campaigns can be run on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & other social media networks. These paid campaigns improve the brand visibility significantly by increasing the social posts or Ads impressions to a targeted audience. Social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter have very intuitive advertising interfaces which helps Marketers create Ads or promote existing posts effectively. It also gives analytics on spends, leads, audience profiles, etc.

SMO combined with paid campaigns helps companies strengthen their brand and boost visibility while generating leads and increasing sales. It’s very important to optimize your social media as it makes you more familiar among your target audience. Most importantly, it also builds trust for your business as your customers will find you mentioned & recommended by others on the social network. For your business to achieve success in SMO, we offer a 360-degree management of your entire social network. Our services will include managing paid campaigns & organic posts to drive engagement on your social media network – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc.

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