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Social Media is becoming the most preferred address of all businesses. Get yourself the perfect spot.
Reaping the benefits of every visual, every interaction and every engagement is the new age marketing strategy. Our team of creative maestros include content creators, optimizers, graphic designers and campaign organisers who work to bring about the best organic reach for your business. We are proficient in Facebook, Instagram and Linked-in. What makes Digital tokri, the best social media optimization company in Pune, is our constant focus on performance driven marketing and the vision to make your business a top selling brand.

Social Media Marketing Company in Pune


Social media is the voice in every consumer’s hands. Today it has become the first place where they choose, like and interact with a business or even share their grievances. It has led to a constant connection between B2B and B2C. Your brand is represented with all its products, services and in all its glory to the audience there. A social media company helps you build that face and take it to your target customers. There are around 3.8 Billion active social media users and marketing here helps bring trust and authenticity in your court.



We analyze your business, services and products and identify the key USPs which are then promoted through various digital social mediums and channels. We concoct an entire Social Media Marketing strategy that is geared towards optimal utilization of the available social media resources. We combine Social Media Optimization as well as the advanced features of Social Media Marketing using “Paid Social". Digital Tokri Pune's social media strategy encompasses planning and execution. Planning includes determining the theme of the posts, type of media/ads to use, type of posts/ads to publish and scheduling. Execution includes designing the creatives which include textual content and audio visual, publishing the posts and connecting with the target audience, tracking the results and fine tuning the campaigns

In house Team

At Digital Tokri Social Media Marketing Company, Pune, we have a dedicated team of content writers who are bloggers, graphic artists who are art graduates, professional audiovisual editors, and social media analysts. Our social media marketing team is experienced, dedicated and resolute.

Domain Expertise
Having executed social media marketing campaigns for a scores of varied businesses, we have acquired considerable "domain expertise" in verticals like real estate, ecommerce, hospitality, auto and healthcare. We have the social media marketing blueprint ready for your business. Our experience and expertise guarantees success.
Rich Media Posts

We know that rich-media social media posts reach more audience, so our focus is on creating audio-visual (video) social media creatives that are more interactive. At Digital Tokri Social Media Marketing Agency Pune, we have got all the right resources to create social media posts that are engaging.


Social Media is a powerful branding tool. We engage your target audience with witty and tactful branding themes that have a lasting subliminal effect on the minds of your audience. Our social media branding posts are in-sync with your real-world branding theme maintaining the branding consistency.


Social Media Marketing also called "Paid Social" is the Pay-Per-Click feature offered by all the leading Social Media sites. "Paid Social" further increases the penetration of your posts. Our social media analysts at Digital Tokri Social Media Marketing Company in Pune are adept in creating ROI oriented paid campaigns on all social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. Let our social media experts fine-tune and maintain your paid social media campaigns and you will see your sales/leads soar with a healthy ROI.

Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing is a great tool to generate high-quality leads for your business. We know social media marketing secret of reaching the right audience who have the highest probability of converting into customers. Check out our case studies to get the feel of our lead generation ability using social media marketing. Whether you are a Real Estate Channel Partner, Real Estate Developer, Auto Dealer, Hotelier - we can help you achieve your goal using our proven, tried, and tested social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Platforms

Facebook, Facebook Ads, Instant Articles, LinkedIn, YouTube, Content for Social Media are the social media platforms and services we are proficient in.

How can your business benefit from Social Media Optimization?

Driving Sales is just one aspect of marketing on social media. Staying ahead of your competitors brings you the most attention. This is where Social Media Optimization sets you apart. We research, study analytics and apply keyword targeting on Facebook, instagram and Linkedin based on your business, location, audience interests and organic search. This helps bring your page to the top of the order. Your business can become more visible and easy to search for your customer with our SMO services.

Build the right communication and Create an attractive buzz online. Experienced & accomplished Social Media Services for your business.

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