DigitalTokri Pune's Website Design Process

DigitalTokri Pune's Website Design Process can help you create successful websites faster and more efficiently.

At DigitalTokri Website Design Company Pune, our Website Design Process design isn’t just about the integration of social media buttons or even slick visuals, but we create a website design that aligns with your primary digital marketing strategy.

Our website design process implements our website design strategy. DigitalTokri Pune’s Website Design Process ensures every section of your website works towards a well-defined goal. Our Website Design Process takes both form and function into account to achieve that cordial fusion of elements. The 8 steps of website design are:
Goal identification
At DigitalTokri Pune, our first step is to understand how we can help our client. In this stage, our designer will identify the end goal of the website design, in close association with the client. We will ensure we understand your target audience and develop a working knowledge of the competition.
Scope definition
DigitalTokri Pune's Website Design Process includes creating a Gantt chart, which details a realistic timeline for the project, including any major landmarks, it can help to set boundaries and achievable deadlines. This offers a vital reference for both designers and clients and helps keep everyone focused on the task and goals at hand.
Sitemap and wireframe mock-up
our website design process will also include a sitemap to provide the foundation for any well-designed website. The sitemap gives web designers a clear idea of the website’s information architecture and explains the relationships between the various pages and content elements. We will also build the wireframe mock-up to provide a framework for storing the site’s visual design and content elements. It also helps identify potential challenges and gaps with the sitemap.
Content Creation
Once your website’s framework is in place, we will start with the most important aspect of the site: the website content. Content drives engagement and action, our content is snappy, and intriguing to grab the attention of visitors and get them to perform the desired action on the pages. The content is supplemented by visuals to help give it a light, engaging feel.
SEO Services
Our website design process also involves including keywords and key-phrases for promoting your website on search engines. We focus on designing SEO-ready websites. Keywords you want to rank for will be placed in the title tag and will appear in the H1 tag, meta description, and body content. Our content writers at DigitalTokri Pune create website content that is well-written, informative, and keyword-rich so that it easily gets picked up by search engines, all of which helps to make the site easier to discover.
Visual elements
The visual style for the site will often be shaped by existing branding elements, colour choices, and logos, as specified you. DigitalTokri Pune's Website Design Process includes taking high-quality images to give your website a professional look and feel, and also communicate a message, are mobile-friendly, and help build trust.
Our website design process also includes testing each page to ensure all links are working and that the website loads appropriately on all devices and browsers.
The final step in our website design process is the launch, after everything has been thoroughly tested. Once the site goes live, we will frequently run user testing on new content and features, monitor analytics, and refine your messaging.
In the entire website design process you as a client are part of the decision making and your approval is sought at every step.