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Importance of Content in Digital Marketing

Speak the language of the brand and take your story to the right audience with our top rated content marketing services. Digital tokri is leading content marketing company in pune that offer comprehensive and impactful content that is strategized, researched, composed and distributed to your target consumers in the right way. With the surge in online marketing tools, the information you provide to your customer’s matters the most and makes you stand apart from the rest. Our content writing team works closely with SEO professionals in generating high quality content that conveys your message with relevance and consistency.


Content for Website

Websites are incomplete without content. The existence of the website is to present the content to the world. In the Digital Marketing arena the website content comes first sequentially. In-fact it is the content architecture that defines website structure. Irrespective of your business vertical, we can meet your content requirement. We would not act as just content providers for your website, but actually define the entire content architecture for your site. At DigitalTokri Pune we provide content writing services for websites. Our website content is high-quality, engaging and SEO-friendly.

Content for SEO

Content constitiutes the majority of SEO activity. SEO is the most preferred, ethical, ROI-friendly and long enduring Digital Marketing method. The goal of SEO is to occupy top positions in the search engine rankings, top positions in search engine mean more website traffic, more sales, more leads and higher ROI. It is an open secret that content is the single most important factor in SEO and hence Digital Marketing. The SEO Content that we provide is infused in the correct proportion with the relevant keywords so that your website is easily discovered for those keywords. As part of SEO content, we also provide SEO-ready page title, meta description, meta keywords, image title/alt tags and captions, link titles, etc, accompanied with each article.


Content for SEM/PPC

Digital Marketing comprises substantial amount of Paid Advertising. In-fact Digital Marketing earlier mean only the Paid Advertising and SEO was considered as a separate domain. Content is involved in Paid Advertising too. Google Adwords dominates the Paid Advertising realm of the Digital Marketing. We are very well versed with Google Adwords, ad copies, policies, landing page quality score, the relation between the keywords, ad copies and the landing page, and other intricacies. As a content provider for your Paid Digital Marketing needs we offer content for landing pages, content for ad copies, list of keywords (and negative keywords) etc.

Our Methodology?

Having for all the major business verticals in the past 15 years we have acquired good amount of “domain knowledge" of all major verticals. Before we define the Digital Marketing strategy for your enterprise, our business analysts thoroughly analyze your business, you products, services, case-studies etc. to create a digital marketing blueprint for your business. This includes the information architecture, website design, keyword research, content, blog articles etc. if you are going for Paid advertising then the scope is broadened to incorporate content for landing pages, content for ad copies. Whatever your content needs be we are adept to fulfill them all.