Content Writing and Website Design?

Often when people mean they want to “design a website" they mean the website with content. But most website design companies in Pune only offer website design services and ask the client to provide the content. The client has little or no idea about niches of content marketing, keywords and SEO. He provides very rudimentary and un-optimized content. The web designers just dump this content in the web pages of the website pay no attention to the SEO factor and the content quality. The end result is a swanky looking website with a hidden flaw. The client ignorant about the content quality, is impressed by the look and feel of his website and has high expectations from his website, but is soon disillusioned with the site's performance on the search engines. He soon realizes that his website is not receiving the volume of web traffic that he was expecting. The culprit is the un-optimized, un-structured, non-informative, and lame content. Such an approach to “website design" where the content is sidelined is bound to fail.


Content and SEO

As an accomplished SEO company in Pune we are well aware that SEO is content driven. Content plays most important role in SEO. In-fact Content is a major subset of SEO and On-page SEO mostly constitute content.

Content Writing for Websites?

Content and website are inseparable. A website is the carrier of the information – which is content. The purpose of the website is to deliver the content to the user. So what is more important, website design or the content it carries. When you are getting a website designed for your business, you need to understand that the website exists for the content i.e information and not vice versa. So the content is as important as the website. Often marketers and businesses ignore the importance of content in website design and pay a heavy price. You will realize this when you understand the role content plays in SEO. Website design does not influence the search engine rankings but the content of the website is the single most important factor influencing the rankings.


What is Quality Website Content?

The content which is information, provides most accurate and correct information, unique, non-repetitive, grammatically and syntactically correct, easy to understand, optimized for relevant keywords so that it can be easily discovered on search engines – can be said as quality content. When people talk of content for website it is implied that the content should help the business in its digital marketing endeavors. People get website designed so that they can be easily discovered on the search engines like Google. And the best way to get discovered on the search engine is to have quality content on the website. DigitalTokri's Content Marketing services in Pune does exactly this.

DigitalTokri Pune's Content Marketing Methodology?

At DigitalTokri Digital Marketing Company in Pune, we don’t just rephrase content but define the entire content architecture for your website. This content architecture is the backbone of your website. Your website is then built around this skeleton of content. We are not mere a content writing agency where we just re-phrase the content, content writing is just a part of our overall content strategy. We create unique and valuable content from your business profile, this includes your services/products, your achievements, news, goals, values, business ethics, experience – just to name a few parameters. Having created content marketing strategy for all the major business verticals we are well-versed with the content requirement of such websites. When it comes to developing content for your website, we do a thorough analysis of your business and identity the topics for the content. Our content writers then research for content for these topics and create “NEW" content based on the researched information. This content is then handed over to the SEO team who infuse the SEO elements in the content. The SEO elements are the “KEYWORDS" already researched by the SEO analysts. The final output is an information-rich, unique, and search engine friendly content for your business website.

DigitalTokri Pune's Content Marketing Services

We provide website content to all major verticals here is a list of few businesses we are proficient in writing content for: Food Industry – Content for hotels, restaurants, ethnic food, food parks/events Tourism and Travel – Content for Infrastructure Companies, Construction Businesses, Real Estate Developers and Builders, Real Estate Agencies, Promoters and Builders etc. eCommerce website – We are specially masters of providing content solutions for eCommerce websites, content for online shopping, content for products, content for Amazon pages etc. Educational Websites – Content for schools, colleges, classes, coaching, tuition etc. Business Websites – Content for services and products, corporate content for about us and company profile, company blog and social media Having over 15 years of experience in Content Marketing across a wide range of verticals, we are an accomplished Content Marketing Agency in Pune.