Content Marketing for e-Commerce Websites

Content is the digital fabric that stretches across Search Engines (SEO) and Social Media (Social Media/News-feed Optimization). Content plays the most important role in the digital marketing of e-commerce websites. At Digital Tokri Pune our goal is to generate organic traffic for our client’s e-commerce website, we leverage our out-of-the-box e-commerce content ideas with tried and tested SEO and SMO tactics that drive organic traffic to e-commerce website.

Content Challenges faced by e-Commerce Websites

Duplicate Content

e-Commerce websites are often plagued with duplicate content. Today in India there are scores of e-commerce websites selling the same products online, often these businesses ignore the importance of the content of the products in digital marketing. Since these businesses have the same products to sell online, the content of these products remains the same across all e-commerce websites. This scenario gives rise to "duplicate content" in e-commerce websites.

e-Commerce Giants
Another hurdle for small e-commerce businesses are the online retail giants like, Flipkart, Snapdeal and the rest. Small e-commerce businesses find it hard to beat them and gain top rankings in organic search listings. The monotony of the content and lack of value in the content results in losing the top positions in the search engine listings.
Under-Utilization of News-feed Marketing

Often e-commerce business owners do not fully utilize the features of social media news-feed platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, etc. They do not go beyond publishing a few product posts, videos and info-graphics thus severely under-utilizing the social media platform.


eCommerce Content Marketing Solutions

At Digital Tokri Digital Marketing Company Pune, we leverage our proven content ideas with e-commerce SEO and Social Media Marketing services to generate organic traffic from both search and news-feed platforms.

e-Commerce Content Ideas

To break the monotony of e-commerce content we create refreshing and unique content that has great informational value. The majority of the e-commerce content consists of product information, hence our content strategy is focused around building informative product content that would help the buyers make informed decision. At Digital Tokri Pune our content ideas are drawn from understanding the “demand" i.e. what the audience of the e-commerce website are searching/looking for. Once we know what the audience is searching for we supply the relevant information. Our e-commerce content ideas consists of following formats and styles we use to create unique content for e-commerce website.

Product Reviews

alignA review format reflects on the pros and cons of the products offered on the e-commerce websites. A review of the product helps customers choose the right product.

Question and Answers Format
As an experienced e-commerce content marketing agency, we understand that e-commerce buyers hate boring product descriptions. That is why at Digital Tokri Pune, e-commerce content is presented in a Q/A format, making it more realistic and engaging.
Product Comparison

This is another e-commerce content idea that we deploy in our content marketing plan. In this format, we compare two of the more similar products are compared with a verdict on which is the better product of the two.

Product Buying Guides
We create informative product buying guides for various e-commerce products that help buyers make the right decision before buying the products.
How-to Tutorial Guides
These guides focus on demonstrating to the audience how to use the product in question, these guides are textual as well as audio-visual.
Content Categorization

Maintaining correct content hierarchy and categorizing relevant content is core to our content marketing policy. This is reflected in the category pages of the e-commerce websites, and also on individual product pages where the content is segmented into content modules like How the product works, Product Review, Product Q/A and verdict etc.

Category Pages

Similar products in an e-commerce website are clubbed under relevant category/sub-category pages, relevant SEO friendly content is developed for these category pages to promote category-specific keywords.

Audio Visual Content
Our content marketing strategy is not focused on textual content alone, we also leverage audio-visual media in our content marketing campaigns. Product review videos, unboxing videos, product demo videos are some of the examples of audio-visual content we employ for e-commerce websites.
e-Commerce Blog Ideas
Most of the guides (mentioned above) are published on the e-commerce blog platform. Other blog ideas include seasonal posts related to e-commerce products, commentary on news related to e-commerce industry, gift guides, product launch news etc. The e-commerce blog content usually features long-form content.
User Generated Content

We encourage users/buyers to write product reviews and answer questions pertaining to the products. We also encourage reviewers to share their product photos and product use videos to garner more content.


Content Writing

We have dedicated content writers who have years of experience in creating content for e-commerce websites. The content that we write is unique, SEO-friendly, informative, and engaging. Our content writers at Digital Tokri have sound domain knowledge of various categories of e-commerce businesses, like B2B, B2C etc. Our content writers are proficient in writing content for typical e-commerce products that people shop online, like electronic gadgets, kitchen appliances, exercise and lifestyle products, health and healthcare products, wellness products, apparels and clothing, fashion products etc and much more.

Content Marketing and SEO

As a seasoned SEO Company in Pune, we know that content marketing is the backbone of e-Commerce website SEO, on-page SEO to be precise. We combine informative product content with relevant keywords to make the e-commerce content SEO friendly. The content is linked with relevant product names (keywords) in the anchor tag to fortify the identity of the keyword with the content.


Content Marketing and Social Media

We employ the CONTENT RE-PURPOSING methodology for the social media platforms. The content is combined with info-graphics and audio-visual media to increase the reach of the e-commerce posts. The theme of the social media posts are snippets of product reviews, answering questions pertaining to the product, verdict about the product, how-to tutorials, buying guides and more. These posts are published on regular basis to garner targeted leads that are more likely to convert as buyers.

At Digital Tokri Pune we are experts in content, SEO and the e-commerce domains. We understand how to combine all these facets together to generate targeted organic traffic for your e-commerce website. Get in touch now!