This article helps you understand how to develop content for your event management website. We explain this with simple methodology and examples. When we talk about “Content" for Event Management website we are talking of two things – i) Content to promote Event Management Services, and ii) Content or Information about “HOW" to promote an EVENT. While the event management website promotes the services, the blog or social media is the right tool to promote the “HOW".

Understand the Importance of Your Content

You should understand the relation between the content, keywords, SEO and website traffic. All these components are inter-related. But the content forms the basis of your event management website and is the most dominant digital marketing factor. So the content of your event management website should be rich in information, variety, relevancy and should be fresh. Search Engines like Google like websites that have high volume of informative content. And such websites get promoted to higher positions in search engine result’s pages. SEO calls for widening the horizon of your content sphere, mere website content would not be sufficient to rank higher in search engine results pages. You have to have INFORMATION-RICH BLOG articles that encompass wide range of related topics, the goal is to cover all these topics related to “Event Management".

Your Content Audience

With just a website you are targeting only a specific target-audience who are your customers. But with a event management blog your audience base widens. Now your audience also include event managers, management students, information seekers etc.


Content for Event Management Company Website

The trick is to understand the demand and what you have to offer and how to leverage this “demand and supply" with the digital (rather content to be more specific) marketing medium. The event management website content strategy is part of the greater Content Marketing strategy who’s ultimate goal is to drive traffic to the website. Your prospective clients are the target audience of your website..

Focus on the Services You Offer

Before you begin to prepare the content for your Event Management website, you need to first consolidate the services your event management website is going to feature. Events, Exhibitions, Personal or Family Functions, Sports, Wedding Ceremonies, Business Meets, Corporate Meetings, Trade Shows, Tech Shows, Brand Activation, Openings, Religious functions, Award Functions, Property Shows, Product Launches, Social Events, and Conferences are some of the important “services" that an Event Management Company generally offers to organize. So it is imperative that the content of your Event Management Website should highlight these services. Preferably you should have a dedicated page for each of the services that you offer. The content of the service page should be optimized for the relevant keyword so that it gets picked up by the search engine for the pertinent search-term.


Understanding the Demand - Keywords

The next step in the event management content marketing strategy is to understand what the demand is, to put it in the digital marketing terminology what keywords users are searching to find the event management services you offer. Once you have consolidated the demand, it is time to associate the keywords with the services. An Event Management company offers several solutions that are tailored to specific events like wedding, corporate meets, business networking events, corporate events etc. Typically people search for generic keywords like “event management company in “, “event planning company in " and “event planner in “. Apart from this they also search for specific service based keywords like “Corporate Event Management Services in “, “Wedding Management Services in “, “Exhibition Management Services in “, “Sports Event Management in “, “Medical Event Management Services in " etc. The essence is to understand the “demand" in the form of keywords and choose the right set of keywords for the services.

Event Management Services Page's Content

Now that you know the services you want to promote and the keywords associated with these services, the next step is to create the content infused with the service keywords. While creating the content for the event management website you need to first create the “format" of the content. This format would generally remain the same for the content of all the services pages of the event management website and would be tailored for that particular service. Ideally the content format would be something like this:

Your Methodology

How do you conduct a specific event. This should be attuned to the specific event like a business meeting, family functions or a sports event. What is your approach towards each of these events, how do you view them. Reflect on the importance of the given event. Give a "personalized" touch to each of these events and let your customers know that every event is important to you.

What do we do

Whether you only manage the event or offer a "turnkey" solution that includes event planning, management, execution with associated services like venue, entertainment, catering/food, booth design, stage design, hospitality, security, audio/visual, drone shooting, etc.

Your Experience
Since how long have you been in the business, how many events (of the particular service) have you conducted so far, your awards and achievements etc.
Our Expertise
You may be an expert in conducting large events and family functions too.
Why choose us?

What makes you stand above the competition. This could be your professional outlook, cost factor, your expertise, workforce, courteous and decorous staff, your vision and mission, comprehensive services you offer, etc.

Esteemed Clients
Who are your clients for that particular category.

Prepare relevant case-studies for the events that you conduct. These will be separate pages but can exchange links with the appropriate services pages.

Client Testimonials

Have a good sizable "client testimonial" content on your event management website’s service’s pages. Create a list of parameters on which the client should evaluate your services. These parameters could be USPs like cost, overall event management, staff behavior, food, security, safety precautions, decoration and design, "one-stop-shop" solution, affordable services, immaculate execution, etc.

Other Pages and Their Content

Apart from the service pages the other pages and content that you should have on an event management company’s website are:

  • Press Releases and News Articles – Quote your appearances in media and news. Publish relevant press releases, the format of the content of the press releases would similar to that of a “case-study" or a news article.
  • About Us – Stating who you are, since how long have you been in the business, your growth, in what cities/countries do you operate in, about the corporate bosses of the company.
  • Vision/Mission – Do not forget to include your vision and mission in the about us section.
  • Portfolio Page – Images speak better than textual content. Have an extensive gallery of images of events you have conducted.
  • Case-Studies – Case-studies make good content for the event management company website. In the event management case-study content, elaborate on the challenges faced and solutions offered for each event you conduct and the feedback you got from the client.

Content Ideas for Event Management Company BLOG

Why have a blog for a event management website? you may ask. Well the thumb rule of the internet is that the information (in this case content) should be spread and hence should be shared. And you have to contribute to it. You cannot sustain in the competitive digital world if you are not spreading and sharing information, exactly the way we at Digital Tokri Digital Marketing Services PUNE are doing it. Your own “Event Management Blog" is the best tool to share your domain expertise with others. The target audience of your event management blog would event managers, your competitors, management student and anyone who wants to learn about “how to manage events".

There is no limit to what you can write about in an Event Management Company blog. Preferably the blog content of your event management company website should beneficial from the SEO perspective, also increase brand awareness and content generation. In the event management blog you should focus more on the affairs and news related to your business vertical, than writing about your own event management company. In the blogs you should focus more on target audience of your business vertical than on your clients. Here are a few content topics that you can write on in your Event Management BLOG:

  • List of Events – Create content that lists the events, exhibitions, shows that are scheduled to happen in your city for the rest of the year or in a specific month. Help people find events, shows and exhibitions in your city. For example someone from Pune city could be searching for “property shows in pune 2019". This could be a home buyer or a seller, guide them by putting up relevant information on your event management blog.
  • DOs and DONTs – Create informative content that list DOs and DONTs while conducting an event.
  • Educate your Audience – Create useful content that would educate your audience on how to conduct events successfully. Be specific, for example “How to Promote a Property Show". You can create informative articles on “How to Promote" various events.
  • Comment on Trending Topics – Create content by giving your “expert opinion" on concurrent topics. For example if it is a wedding season you should comment on topics related to wedding planning and management.
  • Give Free Slogans for Events – You are an adept marketing and promotional guru, help your target audience with free promotional slogans for their events.
  • Useful Content – As we mentioned earlier your blog content should provide valuable information to your target audience. Not all your target audience are hefty Corporate and business houses, most of them could be from middle and upper middle class strata of the society. So create content that would be helpful to them. Give them tips, instructions and insider information on how to save money on events.
  • Address the Safety Concerns – Reflect on the safety aspects of events where a lot of people gather. Events where there is a large gathering of people is a potential hazard. So educate your target audience about the precautions and safety measures to be deployed to ensure safe conduct of the event. Tell them about the potential flash-points that can trigger unpleasant event.
  • Permissions from Civic Bodies – Guide your audience about the permissions required to conduct certain events and the process involved.
  • Rules and Regulations – Tell your readers about the rules and regulations of the Civic bodies concerning events.

Take a Leaf from your Competitor’s Page

Look at your competitor’s website content and do not hesitate to replicate something that is good and impresses you. After all we are all part of the same thought sphere.


The content of your event management company is the most important SEO factor, get it right and you have got the whole digital marketing right. The content strategy of an even management website is centered around the services offered, blog articles and case-studies. There are only a few things to be done but the relevancy, consistency and the timing are important factors.

Digital Tokri Digital Marketing Company PUNE specializes in Content writing. Our proven methodology guarantees you higher brand awareness, and improved sales and leads.