PPC Company in Pune


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Company in Pune

ROI Oriented Services | Social Media and Search Engine Marketing | Boost Sales and Leads

According to one report, India will have a whopping 650 million internet users by 2020. And SEARCH and SOCIAL MEDIA is the most used services on the internet. Making it prudent for businesses to capitalize the Search Engines like Google and Social Media sites Facebook and Twitter making these sites a potential “digital marketplace". Paid Marketing makes it possible to list your website at the top (above organic/natural listings) and draw high-quality leads searching for the services and products offered by you.


Compared to SEO, PPC campaigns can be setup in a jiffy, unlike SEO you don’t have to wait for weeks (or even months) to rank at the top and start receiving quality traffic.


PPC is ROI-Sensitive

Generating online traffic is easy with Pay-Per-Click advertising, but the essence of PPC services is to maintain a positive ROI. Among our clientele Digital Tokri is known to generate quality website traffic using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads PPC services.

What do we do?

We setup, manage and optimize your PPC campaigns so that you can focus on your core business. We do a through analysis of your business, service and products, identify your key USPs and chalk a robust PPC marketing strategy to promote your services/products. Our PPC analysts research keywords, identify the negative keywords, identify the target audience and geographical locations where the PPC ads will be shown. We monitor the performance of your PPC campaigns and optimize them for maximum results keeping ROI on the center stage. PPC services comprises of other allied digital marketing services like landing page design, content writing and analytics.


Content for PPC Campaigns

Digital Tokri Pune’s content writers come up with affluent and engaging content for your landing pages and ad copies. Our PPC analysts are thoroughly versed with the advanced PPC concepts like quality score, dynamic keyword insertion, structured snippets, geo-targeting and local advertising.