SEO is the most extensive of all the digital marketing services, no doubt SEO is also the toughest of them all, having said that it is also the most important one as it drives 70% of the total online traffic. SEO is not about just putting a few keywords in the title and content. Rather SEO is an elaborate process that spans across multiple domains that primarily include business analysis, website design and content. It is 2019 and things have changed a lot compared to what they were a decade back. Now SEO is dominated by advanced concepts like “LSI Keywords", “Entity Salience", “Semantics", “Term Frequency" etc. The new algorithms of Search Engines has compelled to broaden the horizons of SEO. This calls for a more intricate SEO process and given its application and what is implied from it, it should be.

SEO is not a separate discipline like Content Marketing or Website Design. But is a framework which stretches across all the activities involved in website designing and content. A “SEO process" makes sure that the SEO strategy is implemented as desired. PROCESS matters most when implementing SEO techniques. Haphazardly done SEO ends up in disaster. Since SEO encompasses a lot of parameters, it is prudent while implementing SEO principles, things have to be done chronologically and in a sequential manner. For example you cannot think of creating content after your website design is ready. Or you shouldn’t name your URLs at the time of designing your website. Below is the SEO procedure we have adopted at Digital Tokri.

Business Analysis

One of the goals of SEO is to communicate to search engines the key USPs of your business, hence it is judicious to have a thorough understanding of client’s business. Our SEO process starts with a through business analysis. Our analysts get to know your business in and out, what are your products and services, your key USPs, who is your target audience, your client’s demands, your strengths, your business processes, area of operation, your achievements, case-studies etc. Having provided SEO services to a variety of businesses, we are familiar with the operations of your business, this makes easier to leverage the SEO activities for your business website.


Freezing the Content Architecture

Of-course “Content is King". In the second stage of the PRE-SEO process we craft a comprehensive content plan for your business. To put it in simple terms, we “Quantize" (we also like Quantum Physics) the content and these “quanta" of content are the pages of the website. At Digital Tokri Pune, we understand that “INFORMATION IS CRUCIAL" for successful SEO. In our PRE-SEO process, we make sure that each piece of valuable information is presented to the user in the most convenient way. In this phase of the SEO process we determine what pages the website would have and also the sections of content in those pages.

Keyword Research

Extensive keyword research tasks are undertaken in this phase of the SEO process. Keywords are researched to describe your business, your services and products, your case-studies etc. The keywords are grouped in sets and are mapped to the pages of the website. These keywords make their way to page titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, heading tags, content, image tags, image titles, link labels, image captions and anchor text. No stone is left un-turned in our effort to get the process perfected.


URL Structure

We then finalize the URL structure of the website. As an experienced SEO company in Pune, we know that “Information is hierarchical". We make sure that the URL structure also has the same hierarchy as the information/content. We then include the relevant keywords in the URLs to help understand the search engines the “context" of the content and keywords.

Content Curation

We then finalize the URL structure of the website. As an experienced SEO company in Pune, we know that “Information is hierarchical". We make sure that the URL structure also has the same hierarchy as the information/content. We then include the relevant keywords in the URLs to help understand the search engines the “context" of the content and keywords.


Content Creation

Because the content architecture has been finalized in the earlier stages of the SEO process, it becomes very easy and simple to create SEO-ready content for the individual pages. In this phase of the SEO process, our content writers create “natural", informative, engaging and unique content for the individual pages. Later our SEO analysts plant keywords in this content which makes this content contextual.

Website Design

The content creation process is now complete and is ready to go into the website. This is more of technical phase of the SEO process that we follow at Digital Tokri Pune. In this phase we incorporate the SEO components while designing the website. These components are:

  • Choosing the CMS for the website - Undoubtedly WordPress is the best CMS but depending upon the nature of the business we might use/suggest a different CMS.
  • UI/UX Design - In this phase we design smart websites that are easy to read and navigate and provide superior user experience.
  • Plugins - If using WordPress, we incorporate requisite plugins that act as "force-multipliers" for the cause of SEO.
  • HTTPS - Default protocol for websites. A sign of trustworthiness and authenticity.
  • Page Speed - In our website design process, we adopt SEO friendly methodology that takes in to account webpage loading time. We make sure that the page load time is withing acceptable limits.
  • Mobile Friendly Pages/AMP - There are more mobile users than desktop/laptop users, hence the webpages are compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Google Analytics/Webmaster - Relevant tracking code is planted to track the results.
  • Incorporating Social Media to share the content across various platforms (social media)

Off-Page SEO

Optimizing the content on Local SEO services like Google My Business, and web portals like,, etc.

This phase of the SEO process include:

  • Submitting your website to various directories, the old fashion SEO way.
  • Writing relevant content on websites like and, at regular interval.
  • Creating audio visual content and submitting it to appropriate video sharing websites like, Vimeo etc.
  • Similarly using image sharing websites like Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr to submit the graphics with appropriate captions and links.
  • Publishing informative content and presentations on Document Sharing websites like and
  • Tagging your business on Map services websites like Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc.
  • Writing the good old guest posts on other websites with content relevant to your business
  • Answering questions on forums with topics appropriate to your service/products.
  • Leveraging Social Media

At a fixed interval we publish high-quality articles that reflect on your business practices, services and products, and other topics. These blog articles are informative for your audience and help in creating brand awareness about your business. This is a recurring activity and our content writers are abundant in creative content ideas.

Features of our SEO Process

Our SEO process at Digital Tokri Pune is like free-flowing water down a stream, it is natural and chronological. At no stage, there is any need to go back to the previous stage. We have all the corners covered and there are no loose ends.


This SEO process leaves no room for any guess-work. Our robust, tried and tested SEO process is guaranteed to make your business website rank higher in search engines. Contact us for a free website audit (not automated) and a free SEO consultancy. Let our seasoned content marketers and SEO analysts chalk out a comprehensive plan for your website. ACT NOW.