Digital Marketing Strategy at Digital Tokri

What sets us apart from other mediocre digital marketing companies?

It is our strategy of Domain Expertise, Clear Goals, Ingenious Ideas, Modular Methodology, Integrated Marketing, and Synchronized application that sets us apart from others.


Domain Expertise

Domain expertise is an important factor of our digital marketing strategy. Having provided services for all the major businesses, we have acquired considerable knowledge pertaining to various business segments. Be it real estate, automobile industry, hotel and hospitality industry etc, we know what our clients want and more than that we know how to get it. We have the blueprint ready. We have been there and done that.

Ingenious DISRUPTIVE Ideas

At Digital Tokri Pune, every digital marketing strategy calls for NEW approach. And our seasoned analysts are not short of ideas. We like challenges, and we like to fight it through to contrive the most perfect digital marketing solution for our clients. These ideas are drawn from the client's business USPs, products, services, operations and all the other facets of the business. These ideas are combined with our proven Content, Social Media and SEO tactics to formulate the right digital marketing strategy. The combination of (SEO tactics + CONTENT Ideas) in varying degree delivers a winning solution each time, every time.


Understanding the Client's Goal

Before we create the methodology for our clients, we thoroughly analyze the client's business and understand his business goals. And our digital marketing experience tells us that there is not just one goal, there are multitude of goals. Each goal needs a different approach (though slightly).

Our Approach

We employ a very pragmatic approach in achieving the digital marketing goals, concentrating on and building one module at a time. Goal and Pragmatism might sound contradictory, but it reflects on the idiosyncratic digital marketing methodology adopted at Digital Tokri Pune. Our strategy is not about setting magniloquent goals but achieving those goals with persistence and steadfast determination.


Setting the Goals

Making our client achieve their goals, is our goal. When forging the digital marketing strategy for our clients, we set tangible goals that are to be achieved. The goals could be lead generation, online sales, top rankings in search engines, social media branding etc. Preferably we employ all the methods of digital marketing to get the optimal results. But TIME is the crucial factor in digital marketing and digital marketing channels deliver results at different times. For example PPC delivers instant results while SEO takes time, but then SEO drives 70% of the total online traffic while PPC drives 30% of the total traffic. So, depending on the goal, the digital marketing strategy is finalized and the relevant channels (SEO, PPC, SMM/SMO) are leveraged for quick results. To give you a real-life example, if a client wants to generate leads for his real estate business we know where to start, we would immediately setup PPC and Paid Social Media to start generating the leads while simultaneously working on SEO, with a broader vision in mind.


Modular Methodology

This refers to “Object" based digital marketing methodology where different features of the marketing solution are planned and designed independently and in a chronological (and sometimes in a simultaneous) order. To put it in layman's terms, our Digital Marketing methodology calls for breaking down the entire process in discrete modules, whether it is website design, content, SEO or Social Media. This strategy saves time, streamlines digital marketing processes, and makes the solution easy to implement. Also this approach makes the solution scalable and easy to integrate. For example the content of the website and the website UI/UX are two different digital marketing modules that are developed by different processes and independent of each other. But these two modules are also interlinked, the content structure takes preference and is determined first and then comes the UI/UX part.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Various departments involved in the digital marketing activities work together in achieving the goal. All the teams involved are aware of their role in the digital marketing campaigns. Digital Tokri Pune's “Integrated approach" in digital marketing encompasses Campaigns, Resources and Application.


All the digital marketing campaigns share a common theme, elements, call-to-actions, branding message, they compliment each other and are channelized in achieving the common goal(s). The campaigns running on various platforms are syndicated to promote a specific service or product and feature the same call-to-actions and branding messages to improve the brand awareness. The digital campaigns are perfectly in harmony with the outdoor branding campaigns to fortify the brand awareness. The application of the digital marketing plan calls for creation of a plenty of content modules (textual, info-graphic and audio--visual) that are promoted across all the campaigns.


At Digital Tokri Pune, one of our strengths is the abundance of skilled resource. We have dedicated teams of Content writers, SEO analysts (who also work as coordinator), PPC account managers, Social Media experts, Website Designers and Graphic Designers. All the resources involved share the same spirit, common vision of the digital marketing strategy and compliment each other in attaining the goal. For example, the keywords researched by the SEO teams are shared with the Content, PPC and Social Media teams. The "IDEAS" discovered by the content analysts are shared with the PPC and Social media teams, The website design team always find a new way of making complex website pages load faster, to gain a good SEO score. Graphic designers know how to put complex ideas into info-graphics and audio-visual media, to gain more reaches in social media campaigns. All the teams coordinate with each other to gain desired results, faster.


The most crucial part of the strategy is the application of the digital marketing plan. It is easy to draft a plan but can be difficult to implement it completely as envisaged. At Digital Tokri Pune, the digital marketing plan is applied precisely in a chronological order and in a synchronized manner. The tasks are performed in a pre-defined path and there is very less "to and fro" movement. Synchronized approach makes all the campaigns pertaining to a specific service or product talk the same language or the campaigns are attuned to promote the most important of the services. You will always find common elements on all the campaigns. Whenever there are any changes to be done, we know precisely which modules are to be changed across various channels.

Team Work

Digital Marketing Company in Pune we have dedicated teams for each service, hence our digital marketing team comprises of individual teams of Website Designers and Developers, Graphic Designers, SEO analysts, Content writers, PPC managers, and Social Media Analysts. Integrated digital marketing strategy calls for close coordination of these different teams where they share ideas, information is passed on and new tactics for learnt each other. Being one of the best digital marketing companies in Pune, we have learnt that Digital Marketing is a Team Work and working in close coordination amplifies the results. That is why Team Work takes the center-stage in our strategy. Our web designers, Graphic designers or content writers know what is their role in the SEO. For example, the keywords researched by the SEO teams are shared with the Content, PPC and Social Media teams. The “IDEAS" discovered by the content writers are passed on to the Social Media team which incorporate them in their posts.


Coordinated Approach

At Digital Tokri our strategy is to have a close cooperation between the involved teams so that they are aware of what goal is to be achieved and how. In digital marketing all the activities are interlinked, and the quality of one affects the other. For example the page-load factor which is governed by the website design domain has a direct effect on the SEO of that website. Another example would be of Graphic Designers, our graphic designers are “aware" of what file names the images should have to improve the on-page SEO score. They coordinate with the SEO analysts to get the right keywords in the filenames. The purpose of this coordination is to keep all the involved members on the same page. Every team player are aware of the goals to be achieved and how his work is going to affect the overall outcome of the digital marketing campaigns.