Website Design for Corporate Companies

Website Design for Corporates and Big Companies

A corporate website is like a spokesperson of the company.

As an experienced website design company in Pune we are well aware that your corporate website has a very high profile audience and you cannot be sloppy with your company website. DigitalTokri Pune’s “Company-specific" website design services allows corporations to connect with a variety of audience, increase brand reach and strengthen their identity on the digital playground. For corporate and big companies a website is THE most trustworthy medium of communication and a powerful lead generation tool. While a website is not a priority for small businesses, Corporations don’t just need websites, they need GOOD CORPORATE WEBSITE that:

  • Prominently displays the products and services offered
  • Provides information about ongoing and completed Projects
  • Mantain good public relations
  • Provides information about clients and associates
  • Radiates the brand persona
  • Strengthens the brand identity
  • Generates leads and sales for the company
  • Provides customer care services
  • Collects feedback from target audience
  • Are authentic source for company related news
Target Audience

Communication with Target Audience

A corporate website’s main goal is to communicate with varied audience. Unlike a small business website which has only its customers as audience, a corporate website communicates with a variety of audiences like customers and clients, investors/stakeholders, brand audience, job seekers, journalists, corporate gurus, government officials, industry experts and more.

Corporate Website Pages

Company or Corporate websites are big. A corporate website is an organic whole that comprises a whole lot of elements. Corporate websites have a larger number of pages that include services and solutions, awards and achievements, certifications, case-studies, company news, newsletters, blog, business philosophy, methodology, clientele, company ethos values and mission, FAQs, social activities, events and news etc.

Content Marketing

Company Website Content

At DigitalTokri Content Marketing Company in Pune our content writers are higly skilled in creating the “corporate content" for your company website. We don’t just write content but “create" content based on your businesses’ USPs. Being aware of the company website’s target audience we can craft astute and engaging content for your company website.

Digital Marketing for Corporate Website

At DigitalTokri Digital Marketing Company in Pune our sole aim while developing your corporate website is to make your website rank higher in search engines. As an accomplished SEO company in Pune we know that your company website has to face a stiff competition on search engines. Moreover “organic search" contributes to more than 50% of the website traffic which is more than online channel like paid ads or social media. So to reach your customers, your website needs to appear in top positions in search engines for the keywords your customers and target audience are searching. At DigitalTokri Pune our website design strategy makes sure that your company website is SEO-ready.

Digital Marketing for Corporate Website